1st SGME Club Trial


Parkwood results v4 21 1 24

Click here for new info on Routes, flags and severity
It would be wise to make a few checks on your S80 Profile so you don’t encounter problems when entering.
You need to ensure you have green current on the 3 tabs for Membership; Trials and Photograph. Then you need to check you have current Horsforth membership.
Click on the ‘view profile’ and from menu select ‘Club Memberships’.
Here you will see your membership history so look for the green current with Horsforth listed under Club.
If your membership has lapsed do not click the add membership tab but go to our membership pages at https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/a/1517

Stop allowed steady routes
Hard Course – Follow red and blue flags.
Clubman A course – A mixture of hard course sections and Clubman B sections (50/50 course).
Clubman B course – Follow red and blue flags and deviate through yellow and white flags.
Clubman C Easy course – Follow Green flags (green on the left and green with white dot on the right)

plus separate kids conducted routes

Open to Horsforth Club Members entry via Sport80
Number of laps/sections decided on the day



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