Getting Started

You need to join the Horsforth Club to ride in trials or practise in Swain Woods
– click on ‘Club Membership’ in the ‘Membership tab’
(that also includes the option to only practice at Swaine Woods if you don’t want to ride in our trials events at this stage)

Swaine Woods Rules;
No riding of bikes or running of engines outside the Woods.

Legal Trials Bikes Only; (No noisy or un-silenced bikes, MX, Enduro or Quad machines). No litter to be left in woods on verges or close vicinity.
Act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
Do not turn across the Ring Road – enter and exit ONLY using the downhill carriageway. Do not obstruct the footpath with vehicles or machines.

Look for our next Club Series trial, or for kids, the next trial which features a suitable junior conducted course for junior C, D & E class beginners.

It’s always helpful to go to watch a trial and chat to the organisers/riders/observers if you are unsure about anything.

We strongly recommend having a good look around our website first, there is lots of useful information you can pick up, particularly within the ‘Info’ tab. ‘Sections & Flags’ (within the ‘Info’ tab) has a lot of helpful stuff including the basic skill level needed to enter a trial.

If you need tuition, check out BUMPY in Birstall, you’ll find a link to them in the ‘Links’ tab

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