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New Easy Route Flag marking

Yes, we’ve been faffing again.   Starting with our first 2018 trial on 28th Jan we are making a subtle change to the way we mark the easy Green route – other routes are unchanged.  We are still using Green flags, the flag on the left hand side will continue to be plain green, however… Read more »

Horsforth Trials Entry Requirements

NB, The following info was produced pre-covid. There’s been some confusion in the past when signing on at our trials – below is a poster that will appear at signing on and there is further info  here– please take note where under 18’s are concerned.

Bob Owen charity trial, money raised

On 9th November 2019 we raised £1476.65 making a total of £61370 since its first running in 1987, thanks to all who have contributed at this event and over the years. The main beneficiary is the ACU Benevolent fund which Bob Owen supported tirelessly before his passing. Other beneficiaries have included Mind, Yorkshire Air Ambulance,… Read more »

Observing – back in the day

You hear a few grumbles about observing rules; seemingly a change every year (even if only minor) plus the evergreen stop/no-stop debate. We should be thankful we weren’t around back in the 1920’s – Marking was peculiar to each event and there were all sorts of bizarre ways to be penalised. Here’s the rules for… Read more »

Stop allowed rule changes for 2015

These are the new 2015 rules within the Failure section (i.e. a 5) f) A machine does not stay within the intended limits of the section as defined by the Observer. g) If any wheel of the machine crosses any boundary tape or goes over or on the wrong side of a marker, whether the… Read more »