2018 Championship Points and Awards

The list of award winners for 2018 is here

Full Points position spreadsheet for 2018 here
Note there are 5 different workbooks in the spreadsheet accessed by clicking on the tabs at the bottom, as follows-
Champ; 10 round SGME Club Series points totals (note that awards in this series take into account those who have best supported the series through the year so to qualify for an award, 6 rounds must have been completed and, where more are completed, the best 8 will count).
SW Cond (Small Wheel Conducted); Juniors points
CE & WE Rides; Points for Horsforth riders in Yorkshire Centre and West Yorks Championship rounds
Observers; Who’s observed most this year?
Awards; List of specific Trials Awards throughout the year plus final Points and Special Award winners posted at the end of the year or at the start of the new year.