Observing – back in the day

You hear a few grumbles about observing rules; seemingly a change every year (even if only minor) plus the evergreen stop/no-stop debate.
We should be thankful we weren’t around back in the 1920’s – Marking was peculiar to each event and there were all sorts of bizarre ways to be penalised. Here’s the rules for an event in 1927 – these are the maximum marks that could be lost for each transgression;

Each time a foot is taken off rest – 1
Both feet off rests together – 2
One foot off rest the other on the ground – 3
Both feet on the ground – 4
Wobbling or swerving badly (!)  – 5
Zig-zagging – 6
Foot-slogging (?)  – 8
Running alongside – 9
Complete stop of wheels – 10

Chuck away those rose-tinted glasses! (especially if you are a wobbler!)

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