Horsforth SGME 7th Club Series

Usual stop allowed 3 route course, very easy, easy & harder
Plus 3 route kids conducted course
Usual 11am starting procedure, there will be a riders’ briefing immediately before the start; please attend and listen and don’t start bikes until the briefing has ended. All riders (and Parents/Guardians of under 18’s) need to sign the Signing On Sheet at or before the riders’ briefing.
Sheep present so keep dogs on a lead
Please bring an observer, it’s worth the price of an entry
Please do not leave litter
Snacks etc available at Stump Cross Caverns Cafe over the road, using this facility will help us keep the land so get your bacon butties & coffee there
Don’t ride bikes across the road and beware of traffic when turning in and out
What3Words location Endearing.Obtain.Count

Stump Cross

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