Horsforth 10th SGME Club Series

Usual stop allowed 3 route course, very easy, easy & harder
Possibly a 3 route kids conducted course if we can get volunteers to run it

Please note, there must be no spectators and no dogs at this trial.
Open only to paid up members of the Horsforth Club 2020
This trial will be run under Covid 19 restrictions, for example;
Online pre-entry and payment via ACU website final entries Friday prior or when entries full, Go to ACU website and search out Online Event Entry in the ‘Riders/members’ tab, entries will open about 2 weeks in advance.
Limit on rider numbers NB RIDERS BRINGING AN OBSERVER WILL HAVE PRIORITY, (please advise us via online Entry, it’s worth the price of a rider’s entry),
after which on a first come first saved basis
Rider entry confirmation and riding number advised by email

Please do not leave litter



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